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Healthy Relationship Tips from a Life Coach with Valerie Friedlander (Ep. 46)

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Healthy Relationship Tips from Valerie Friedlander

Welcome to Valentine’s month! We’re talking all about healthy relationships. Today we’re excited to share this interview with Valerie Friedlander, certified professional coach and founder of The Unlimited Mom.

We’re highlighting Valerie’s best healthy relationship tips. In addition, we dig into how your relationship can support your health and wellness.

Some of the main points that we cover include:

  • Why your brain’s need to be right is holding you back
  • How to bring your partner along on your life journey
  • The difference between emotions and reality
  • Why understanding yourself is the most important thing you can do to have a healthy relationship
  • Valerie’s number 1 healthy relationship tip for having a REAL conversation with your partner
  • Curiosity vs. judgment and the importance of understanding this distinction
  • A simple switch to make in approaching difficult relationship and parenting situations
  • The importance of finding your purpose in your relationship
  • The power of getting curious
  • How to get your partner’s support for the changes you’re making for your health and wellness
  • The best ways to frame a conversation
  • How to negotiate (and re-negotiate) roles at home
  • The importance of vulnerability in your relationship
  • Key ways to use your relationship to reduce overwhelm

Things we talked about in this episode:

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